Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning $299

We use compressed air whips and rotary brushing to push

contaminants, dust and debris towards a central location along the duct system, then a high powered vacuum cleaning system pulls

the waste into a Hepa filtration system designed to trap air particles down to 3 microns. This prevents anything from getting back into the household air.


$299 up to 16 vents and 2 Trunks/ $20 each additional vent

The average 3 bedroom home has 14-16 vents

If vent has to be disconnected from the duct system and re-attached add $15 per vent

Crawl spaces and attics are an additional $125 per system

Cleaning of furnace Blower if dirty     $59

Dryer vent cleaning on first floor or basement $59 when complete duct system is cleaned.

Dryer vent cleaning starts at $79